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Annet Post

“People ask me why I am developing this therapy and training. That by doing so I lose the exclusivity of my knowledge and experience and I will no longer be the only person that governs this area. My answer is always that I have been given this gift, I have the opportunity to pass on this gift and that I see this as my contribution to the Universe. I share my knowledge and skills, something that gives me so much pleasure and hope to me and to many others.

Annet Post works as a naturopathic therapist in Delft. She is the creator of the TotalBodyReflex therapy and the founder and the Senior Lecturer of the training. In 2001 Annet started the training Brain Stimulating Method – De Jong therapy. Annet started the training ‘Integrated Manual Therapy’, organised by DCR in Bloomfield Connecticut USA in 2004. This study has been completed at the level similar to Bachelor, as a Certified Integrated Manual Therapist. In addition to this she has completed with success the training to Embryonal Integrated Therapist, Homeopathy, Reflexology, Sivas Acupuncture and the Elementair Microbial Reflex training.

In her practice she works with several different disciplines. This has led to her own innovative and continuously evolving treatment vision. This vision is summarized in the training.

Most of the techniques used have been developed by Sharon Giammatteo Weiselfish. We are grateful that we can use these techniques to promote the wellbeing of our fellow human beings.