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Welcome to the website of TotalBodyReflex, a new mild manual therapy that guides you to self-recovery.

TotalBodyReflex is a new therapy that guides you to self-recovery. When you learn to act out of your own will and understanding, you will actively search for strength, recovery and balance. Whenever there is sickness or limitations, you will learn how to maintain control of your life.

Are you looking for a TotalBodyReflex therapist in your area? Find them in our list of therapists.

Do you wish to integrate TotalBodyReflex in your treatments? Follow our training to become a TotalBodyReflex therapist yourself! The course consists of four years in which you learn these subtle methods and directly applicable techniques. After completing each year you will have access to our own TotalBodyReflex app. With this app you can easily find techniques and consult these on your tablet during the treatments.

TotalBodyReflex is developed by Annet Post.